16 Reviews

Sharon Lee

02 November 2020

02 November


Sally was absolutely amazing, she put me a ease and was so kind and honest. All the stuff she was saying was spot on even down to my headaches and migraines. Sa...
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Sophie Haydon

30 September 2020

30 September


Had my first reading with Sally today - loved every minute and could of sat there listening all day! The readings fascinated me and I could definitely relate to...
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Kelly Jukes-Longford

19 September 2020

19 September


First visit with Sally, it was amazing! Such an interesting reading and left me wanting to hear more, could sit there for hours and listen! Highly recommend I’l...
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Samantha Haskins

10 September 2020

10 September


Sally gives so much detail and plus with the recording sally provides, I can sit down and listen to the parts that I didnt take in all at once. Nearly all of wh...
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Laura Brimson

20 December 2019

20 December


Sally was incredible. So accurate and down to earth. Makes you feel comfortable and I will definitely be going again!

Jay Charles

12 December 2019

12 December


Highly recommend the reading was so in depth will definitely recommend her to anyone